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  by Dr. George Sand, ABECELEE User Success Coordinator



About us

Faced with budget cuts and increasing class sizes, teachers are being challenged as never before to deliver thorough, high-quality education to every student. At the same time, school districts and students are under more and more scrutiny by funding sources. Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, more and more students are reading at below-grade levels and failing — in school and in their future employment prospects.

But simply transferring textbook content to a computer screen isn't the solution. If you want to really empower kids to learn and succeed, they need to know how to read. To teach them effectively how to read, you need to assess their skills accurately, engage them in lessons that address their individual needs, continually monitor their progress, and augment on-screen lessons with powerful teacher-led tutorials.

And to do all that, you need abecelee.com!

abecelee.com’s fully integrated reading intervention program is unlike any other on the market. From assessment and instruction to reporting and teacher tools, abecelee.com does more, provides more, and succeeds more than any other system of its kind.