ABECELEE Online Program!
 Using ABECELEE: Self-Paced Tutorial

  by Dr. George Sand, ABECELEE User Success Coordinator


 Setting Your Computer
 Computer Requirements
 Supported Web Browser
 Setting Browser Cache
 Enabling JavaScript
 Enabling Cookies
 Disabling Pop-Ups
 Logging in

Welcome to ABECELEE!

Congratulations on your decision to use ABECELEE! You are about to embark on an exciting teaching and learning experience. You will meet new people, join a community of teachers and learners, and have the opportunity to improve your technological skills, as you engage with your colleagues and classmates in your online class website.

Because they are learner-centered, online sessions provide an excellent learning opportunity, and because everyone in an online class must participate, your users will become familiar with their classmates, often working in collaborative settings. Online sessions allow your users the flexibility to do their work at whatever time you want and at their own pace.

To make all this happen, however, you need to learn how to use the ABECELEE program that we use for all our online sessions.You also may need to learn some basic computer operations, if you do not know how to do them.

This tutorial will help you learn to use the computer program you will use in your online class.

To find out what computer skills you will need to be successful in your online classes:

Table of Contents:

Welcome Page

Section I: Getting Started with ABECELEE
Lesson 1: What is ABECELEE
Lesson 2: What You Need to Know Before You Start
Lesson 3: Setting Your Computer to Run ABECELEE
Lesson 4: Checking Computer and Internet Requirements
Lesson 5: Using a Supported Web Browser
Lesson 6: Setting Browser Cache
Lesson 7: Enabling JavaScript
Lesson 8: Enabling Browser Cookies
Lesson 9: Disabling Pop-Up Blockers
Lesson 10: Logging on to Your Class Website

Note: This tutorial will continue to be improved, and new lessons on all ABECELEE tools will continue to be added. If you experience any problems, or have any comments, please email them to The ABECELEE Team at admin@abecelee.com. Thanks!


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